How culture and socialization affects the ways we understand English

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I have been learning UX writing, and practicing by rewriting/analyzing the copy of some digital products. Here’s and .

Through this whole learning process, I’ve come to realize something. This is something I most likely knew before but never really held important.

Language is different. Even when…

A 15-point checklist

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Your product or competition isn’t what’s stopping your monthly recurring revenue (MRR) from growing. Your SaaS website is.

Roughly, how much traffic does your website get? How much of that traffic converts into actual users? Are you happy with the figures?


4 Lessons From My Failed Try At Selling My First Email Marketing Package

quote by the author about people only buying from those who they trust and have given them solid reasons to
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From the 3rd to the 10th of June 2020, I ran posts on LinkedIn promoting my new email marketing package.

It was targeting solopreneurs. And was going to help them improve their email marketing strategy so they begin to see good results. The offer included:

· a market research


How I was able to make 31.8% more income from my writing in Q1 of 2020 than the last 6 months of 2019

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For any person in business, including you a freelance writer, attracting clients and then getting them to buy from you while could be tough is the main goal. After all, sales are the lifeline of any successful business.

No sales equal no money which equals a loss or worse, business…

Ebosetale Jenna Oriarewo

Content Strategist. Ux Writer. I love food, SaaS and sweet red wine.

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