A 15-point checklist

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Your product or competition isn’t what’s stopping your monthly recurring revenue (MRR) from growing. Your SaaS website is.

Roughly, how much traffic does your website get? How much of that traffic converts into actual users? Are you happy with the figures?

Fact: 93% of a customer’s journey online begins with a search engine like Google.

Which means when your customers/users go searching for a solution to their problem, 93% of them start on this particular search engine.

Is your SaaS website optimised enough to be discovered by them for relevant keywords other than your name? …

A step-by-step guide with templates

the stages of awareness
the stages of awareness
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Email marketing is the holy grail of marketing strategies. You’ve heard of the 4400% ROI. You’ve seen the quotes:

4 Lessons From My Failed Try At Selling My First Email Marketing Package

quote by the author about people only buying from those who they trust and have given them solid reasons to
quote by the author about people only buying from those who they trust and have given them solid reasons to
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From the 3rd to the 10th of June 2020, I ran posts on LinkedIn promoting my new email marketing package.

It was targeting solopreneurs. And was going to help them improve their email marketing strategy so they begin to see good results. The offer included:

· a market research

· a 2k words lead magnet written for them

· get set up with the email provider best suited for them

· a 5-email welcome/nurture sequence written for them

· and an email copy template to help them write better emails.

Sounds good right? But we’re here today because I failed…

A beginners guide to writing effective copy

header photo of a coffee cup with great copywriting reminder to ‘fuel your story’
header photo of a coffee cup with great copywriting reminder to ‘fuel your story’
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A common thing we see these days, especially if you follow a lot of marketers on LinkedIn or belong to marketing twitter is the advice to learn copywriting.

Dave Gerhardt; CMO at Privy, lists this as #1 to #5 of the ‘top 5 marketing skills you should work on:’

So the question now as a beginner is ‘are there any easy tips for learning copywriting and mastering this skill (for free)?’ The answer is yes!

In this blog post, I’m going to share with you 4 super easy tips you can use to master and start practicing writing your…

How I was able to make 31.8% more income from my writing in Q1 of 2020 than the last 6 months of 2019

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For any person in business, including you a freelance writer, attracting clients and then getting them to buy from you while could be tough is the main goal. After all, sales are the lifeline of any successful business.

No sales equal no money which equals a loss or worse, business failure. So getting a hack that helps you (especially as a beginner) attract these clients, get them to trust you with their works and even pay you full price is valuable right?

In this post, I’m going to show you 2 ways I have been able to make more money…

5 free ways you as a small food business owner can improve customers’ lives in this pandemic, while also creating brand awareness and growing your business

A screenshot from @jazmineroy_’s instagram story telling brands to create more and impact lives during this corona times.
A screenshot from @jazmineroy_’s instagram story telling brands to create more and impact lives during this corona times.

For most of us, these are very tough times. And the tough here ranges from having an affected relative to checking yourself every hour for COVID symptoms, to confusion about what/how to cook and how to preserve the foodstuff that’s supposed to last us for the remaining parts of this lock down.

As a small food business entrepreneur, this is where you come in. It may not seem like much, but you could definitely be saving a life or several if you want to in these times. How?

I’ll tell you that soon oh but first, when all this is…

The 7 Step Ultimate Guide To Turning Your Hobby Into A Successful Career (Using My Real Life Journey).

How To Become A Better Writer
How To Become A Better Writer
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What will be your reaction when someone who you’ve never met before, a total stranger on the internet titles you an ‘expert’ at something you had been putting in the work to improve?🙀

Will you take a break to cry tears of joy or change your bio to suit your new found expert status?

Well, when this happened to me on the 23rd of February 2020, I stared at the yet again broken screen of my iPhone in delightful shock. I wasn’t just any writer in that moment, I had become a better writer, and a total stranger saw it.


Nnodim liked to eat roasted fish in a well seasoned palm oil-onion sauce. He would pinch the skin of the fish, use it to scoop up onion slices and lots of the red oil. He always had to lick his hands because of the drips. No one knows how much you love to watch him.

D’im as you fondly call him is not like the rest boys, he’s actually not like any other person you’ve met. He’s beautiful in a way that people deem feminine, so delicate, so smooth, when you see him you instantly think pretty. He’s a…


2019 has been a year of self development for me. Literally my only new year’s resolution was to find my talent(s) and improve on them to a point where they are money worthy; development is nice but credit alerts are really nice too innit?

In January, I applied to this media company looking for content writers. I passed the first stage which was a grammar test and a written article on an area/topic of my choice. Yay! The next stage was to then write and submit a 500 word blog post with high SEO ranking. …


Part my legs like they are the Red Sea

Suck on these breasts upon my chest; nourishing fruits from a tree not forbidden

Descend on my body like the Holy Ghost on Pentecost

Let my moans be like the hallelujah and amen from the congregation

Have you started work if I’m not shaking like it’s deliverance Sunday?

Generously give this body orgasms after orgasms, my body is your offering basket and I love a cheerful giver

Baby, stroke this clit like David did his harp. If you do it well, sweet melodies are sure to bless heaven’s door

And when we’re done and our bodies are expelling holy liquids like the tears falling from the eyes of a passionate testifier, we shall hold hands and bodies blessing God for this explosive ministration brought to us on the alter that is my creaking bed.

Ebosetale Jenna Oriarewo

I help growing SaaS companies get their first 1000 users through tested CRO strategies & SEO content. Email: ebosejenna@yahoo.com

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