How culture and socialization affects the ways we understand English

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Language is different. Even when we’re all speaking English, the way I understand/take a thing could be extremely different from the way another person takes it.

For example, asking someone ‘how can I help you?’ is generally a harmless question probably in response to a text from an unfamiliar person or even a customer. Thing…

Writing a missing in-app message for Access Bank’s mobile app.

3 things they did right.

A UX copy case study

A 15-point checklist

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A step-by-step guide with templates

the stages of awareness
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4 Lessons From My Failed Try At Selling My First Email Marketing Package

quote by the author about people only buying from those who they trust and have given them solid reasons to
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A beginners guide to writing effective copy

header photo of a coffee cup with great copywriting reminder to ‘fuel your story’
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How I was able to make 31.8% more income from my writing in Q1 of 2020 than the last 6 months of 2019

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5 free ways you as a small food business owner can improve customers’ lives in this pandemic, while also creating brand awareness and growing your business

A screenshot from @jazmineroy_’s instagram story telling brands to create more and impact lives during this corona times.

Ebosetale Jenna Oriarewo

Content Strategist. Ux Writer. I love food, SaaS and sweet red wine.

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