2019 has been a year of self development for me. Literally my only new year’s resolution was to find my talent(s) and improve on them to a point where they are money worthy; development is nice but credit alerts are really nice too innit?

In January, I applied to this media company looking for content writers. I passed the first stage which was a grammar test and a written article on an area/topic of my choice. Yay! The next stage was to then write and submit a 500 word blog post with high SEO ranking. I didn’t know what that meant, did basic research and went on to write what I believed was an excellent blog post.

Tell me why I never heard back from this company? I emailed them time after time, I was desperate and this was the dream job so I had to keep checking in till I finally accepted the unwritten message- I just wasn’t good enough for them. (Insert the heartbreak emoji here).

Instead of taking this rejection as a slap, I took it as a stepping stone. I got a freelance job writing under a group called J.D.I (Just Do It). Since taking this job, I have written multiple plagiarism free articles. I’ve done blog articles and website contents on topics very far from my interests, articles I didn’t think I could deliver on. How was I supposed to write 1300 words on a car battery?? But I did it!

I’ve written bios, press releases, product reviews and also, I learnt about SEO ranking. Working here has taught and is still teaching me a lot on content writing, but this can’t be all I thought one day. So in honour of my resolution, I decided to dig deeper and learn something new.

That was when I discovered business writing and decided to learn all I could on this area. I downloaded template after template of business plans and proposals, got samples, studied these samples and learnt how to go about handling market research and financial projections. A lot more work than content writing honestly, but I persevered and I did it! I even believed in myself so much so that when I initially created and put up a business card asking people to contact me for their business plans and other writing needs, I was still learning and had never written a single business plan. I have since then written 2 (raises shoulders).

This article isn’t testimony time because I still haven’t gotten anything huge or heard back from the company I applied to at the beginning. It’s merely a reflection on how far I have come this year, how much I’ve done and how committed I’ve been to my resolution. I mean whoever knew I could keep to these things? Summer body 2020 next!

I had been feeling down and like I wasn’t doing enough and I know many of us feel like that most times, so I’m here today as a messenger from whatever God you serve to tell you to fuck that little voice of doubt. I am doing the best I can, and so are you too. Always remember that, take out time to reflect on your journey and celebrate yourself. You’re amazing!

Copywriting next! Till then contact me for all your writing needs, I’m highly skilled and hungry.

Content Strategist. Ux Writer. I love food, SaaS and sweet red wine.

Content Strategist. Ux Writer. I love food, SaaS and sweet red wine.