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Focused on documenting growth strategies, startup friction, and female-founded and FemTech startups

Hi, my name is Ebosetale Oriarewo. Ebose for short, or Madam President. And I’m starting Into Startups to feed my obsession with the startup and investor industry.

This was created for 3 sets of people:

🧑‍💼The Founders (women and first-time founders especially) who need knowledge from other experienced founders and investors on building, hiring, approaching deals, handling challenges, raising funds and many more.

🦄Growth Marketers/Enthusiasts who need real life examples of what other startups are doing to achieve growth. I’ll be interviewing CEOs and Growth people from these companies to give you dubs and tips to grow. If you’ve ever wondered stuff like this tweet, then you’ll want to subscribe.

👶The newbies to the Startup/VC world who are interested in this industry but half of the time don’t understand any thing they read about it. I’ll be writing one simple to understand ‘Startup Dictionary’ a month answering a reader’s question about the market.

Because it’s just me running this and I tend to be lazy at times🥲, I’ll be sending you at least 2 letters a month. The Startup Dictionary section, and any other.

I hope you’ll love this publication as much as I’m excited to create it for us. So please subscribe here and share to another human, thank you ❤️

Ps. It’s a 100% free publication and the first article goes out on Monday🥳

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